Moving Ahead

—2016   Adventures continue!  In cooperation with Silas Hagerty and Smooth Feather Productions and with a grant from Arcadia Insurance, ARC funded a week-long film school.  This took place in the historic theater in Kezar Falls which Silas Hagerty purchased and is restoring.  Silas Hagerty invited talented young filmmakers from across the U.S. to spend a week with him and teach a group of youngsters how to make a film.   This was indeed an adventure for students who learned about acting, directing and editing a film.  Interacting with and learning from a diverse and talented group of filmmakers expanded horizons;  having their creation screened at the theater and viewed by 200 people from the community developed confidence;  and standing up  in front of the audience to talk about their experience required courage and poise.


—2016 and beyond  It is hoped to continue this relationship with Smooth Feather Productions as a way of broadening service to youth and the community in general.  We are exploring the possibility of showing  films in the schools.  ARC has provided some funds  to Smooth Feather Productions for work with the “Inside Out” theater group of youth from Long Creek Youth Development Center with this in mind.  Our hope is to continue our mission  and remain true to our goal of expanding the experience and knowledge of youth in our community by building upon their knowledge  and helping them to develop new interests.